Global Membership Meetings

Upcoming Global Membership Meetings

78th Global Membership Meeting

Utrecht, the Netherlands

May 2022

79th Global Membership Meeting

Cape Town, South Africa

October 2022

80th Global Membership Meeting

Dublin, Ireland

Spring 2023

Past Global Membership Meetings


77th GMM – Zurich, Switzerland – October 2019


76th GMM – Boston, United States – May 2019


75th GMM – Beijing, China – October 2018


74th GMM – Stockholm, Sweden – May 2018


73rd GMM – Vancouver, Canada – October 2017


72nd GMM – London, United Kingdom – May 2017


71st GMM – Singapore – October 2016


70th GMM – Oslo, Norway – May 2016


69th GMM – Bangkok, Thailand – October 2015


68th GMM – Frankfurt, Germany – May 2015


67th GMM – Mumbai, India – October 2014


66th GMM – New York, United States – May 2014

GMM: Global Membership Meeting

GMMs are hosted by member organizations in their home countries and consist of two days of informative presentations and discussions on current and emerging security issues faced by international financial institutions as well as informal networking opportunities. These meetings provide a unique opportunity to develop global security connections while gaining expertise that will make your organization more efficient and effective.

Between GMMs, we we stay in touch through webinars and expertise-driven newsletters. 


Upcoming Webinars

Developments in AML Compliance Technology: Artificial Intelligence and Machine Learning

Banking and Technology Perspectives

3 June 2021

Summer Webinar 

Agenda to be Announced

5 August 2021

Past Webinars

Dark Web Cyber-Threat Intelligence from a Tactical Perspective – 1 April 2021

Human Risk During Work-from-home – 4 February 2021

Remote Working: Security Review – 3 December 2020

The Impact of COVID-19 on AML, IT Security and Employee Monitoring – 3 September 2020

How COVID-19 has Affected AML, Security and Fraud: Presentations and Discussion with Subject Matter Experts – 16 July 2020

Benchmarking the Response to COVID-19 – 24 April 2020

Responding to COVID-19 and Work-from-home: Best Practices and Lessons Learned – 3 April 2020