IBSA MAKES SECURITY WORK IBSA provides the environment to achieve this goal through sharing and collaboration.


Security can never be an afterthought. The global nature of organized crime and the risks it poses to our organisations makes collaboration with multi-disciplinary and like-minded experts essential. As cybercrimes transcend time and physical proximity, our ability to keep abreast of cross border developments is vital. We are fortunate that the trusted IBSA network offers us this platform.

Ed Rosenberg, Chair IBSA


In 1983 The International Banking Security Association (IBSA) was established as a not-for-profit corporation in the State of Illinois, United States of America. IBSA is an association of bank and other financial services security professionals representing the global community.

IBSA’s primary objective is the prevention, detection and investigation of financial crime, crime against assets and the security and continuity of banking business within global financial operations.

IBSA members share these goals on an individual basis within their financial organizations and collectively through education, mutual assistance and cooperation within the association.

IBSA MAKES SECURITY WORK IBSA provides the environment to achieve this goal through sharing and collaboration.


Membership in IBSA is limited to banks or diversified financial services firms having substantial international operations or banking associations representing such firms.

Our current roster numbers about fourty members representing more than twenty countries, and more than twenty-five major world cities.

IBSA is one of a very limited number of non-police organizations, which enjoys official observer status in Interpol giving the organization the opportunity to attend Interpol's General Assemblies as well as many of its meetings and workshops throughout the year. It also offers members the opportunity to meet with Police and Law Enforcement officers from all over the world. IBSA also participates in meetings of the Financial Action Task Force.


IBSA was established in 1983 and continues to grow its membership and influence. IBSA members can be found in more than 20 countries and are resident in 25 major world cities.

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